BE Modern Man Spotlights - Passion to Purpose: Omar Kinnebrew

[Passion to Purpose] Omar Kinnebrew, Creator of The Perfect Pocket Square

BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Omar Kinnebrew
Omar Kinebrew, The Perfect Pocket Square - Photo Source: Nicole Mitter
BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Omar Kinebrew
Omar Kinnebrew, The Perfect Pocket Square

While working full-time Kinnebrew entered into an 18-month accelerated professional MBA program and finished with an elevated sense of pride, achievement, confidence and hope for the future. “My wife and I both have advanced degrees and now the expectation for my unborn children will not only be to attend and excel in college, but to go further by earning an advanced degree and continue advancing.”

Continuing to advance through challenges is something Kinnebrew learned how to do while a student-athlete at North Carolina A&T. Playing football, majoring in chemical engineering (which he eventually switched to business) and attempting to become a member of my fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, INC.) was an extremely full load. As one could image, it was a true test of time management. “The problem was, there was not enough time in the day to effectively study, watch film, do homework, internalize information, lift weights, eat, go to meetings and sleep,” says Kinnebrew. “After a short period of time of feeling down about my unconquerable situation, I realized that it simply had to be done. It hit me that if I just rearranged my approach, utilized my resources and prioritized activities, I could still remain successful in my endeavors. I ultimately achieved my goals during that period and learned that there is a solution to every problem; it just comes down to finding the optimal method to reach that point.”

The process of learning, growing and developing looks different for everyone, which is why it is important for men like Kinnebrew to be represented. “I believe it ‘s important to show men like myself who are experiencing various avenues in life and are willing to share those stories with whomever will lend an ear,” Kinnebrew tells BE Modern Man. “Not only does it showcase the wide variety of men with purpose, but these stories may inspire or open a door for others.”

Opening doors of opportunity to help others is a must for Kinnebrew as he moves forward in life. “I feel as though I am obligated to give back. Not as a burden, but as a gift. I have been extremely fortunate to receive guidance, advice and a helping hand from so many which continues to mold my existence as a true gentleman of character.”

Currently serving on a nonprofit board, mentoring students and volunteering to build homes, Kinnebrew says a BE Modern Man “means personifying the true state of a gentleman.” “This includes acting with integrity, maintaining high morals and values, being chivalrous, remaining calm and confident, and being purposeful in what you do.”

The team congratulates Omar Kinnebrew  for his hard work and dedication. Putting his passion to purpose while in a full-time position, Demonstrates that it is possible to manage career and entrepreneurship. We look forward to witnssing the growth of The Perfect Pocket Square, and seeing men across the world staying stylish due to this innovative product.

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