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Path of Destruction

to relocate. “Our roofing was completely blown off. Only the wood flats are left … It just drowned everything,” says publisher Alexis Scott.

Although an insurance evaluator hasn’t come yet, Scott estimates tens of thousands of dollars of damage accumulated. In the meantime the paper will publish from a temporary location for it’s next issue and is still in the process of selecting a more “permanent” temporary location as repairs occur with the building. “We’re just going to have to do it from a remote location.”

The newspaper building was attached to the national headquarters of the 100 Black Men of America, The South Education Foundation, and Apex Museum. Thomas W. Dortch Jr., chairman emeritus of 100 Black Men of America, says it was the first time during his 35 years in Atlanta that a tornado “hit down in the central business district.” Hall says the last tornado to touch down in Atlanta struck in the city’s Buckhead area in 1975 and hit the Governor’s Mansion.