Meet the Tech Founders Connecting You to Pharmacies That Deliver

Meet the Tech Founders Connecting You to Pharmacies That Deliver

After co-founder Halston Prox watched his busy dad struggle to find the time to pick up his blood pressure medicine from the pharmacy, he decided to join the latest wave of on-demand delivery services and co-founded Heal Now. HealNow is an app that connects consumers, hospitals, and telehealth companies to local and independent pharmacies that deliver to your door.

Halston Prox (Image: Facebook)

Heal Now, currently services parts of the New York City and Brooklyn area. Black Enterprise caught up with co-founders, Halston Prox and Joshua Darius Smith to gain some insight into how the process works.

Heal Now

Black Enterprise: Describe the process for using the app. What are the benefits to the mobile app users?

It’s a really easy process. Customers simply download the app in the Apple app store. Shop for the products they need. Sit back and relax. The order will be delivered within one hour, by a local pharmacy in their area.

Today, people are simply too busy, too sick, or don’t have the capability to go to the pharmacy to pick up daily health products, over-the-counter, or other products when they need it. And most of the time when customers get there they are often overwhelmed by the number of products on the shelf. With HealNow, our customers will be able to find the products they need, at the cheapest price, and send an order to have those items delivered wherever they are.

BE: What makes your business stand out?

We’re building the first pharmacy ordering service for Independent and Health System pharmacies. We partner with local, independent, and health system pharmacies that are missing an online ordering presence and want to acquire/be discovered by new customers in their respective communities.

We’re creating our own network of pharmacies by bringing together a fragmented market of independent (22,160 to be exact) and health system pharmacies to fight old incumbents like CVS and Walgreens. We believe these pharmacies should have the tools they need to stay relevant in this very competitive market.

We’ve recently launched our new bundled “kits.” Because we’ve just entered into full summer mode, we’ve decided to start with Hangover Kits, available to anyone within an hour. These Hangover Kits are curated packages of health products that are perfect after a crazy, fun night out or boozy brunch. These kits are currently available throughout Manhattan.