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Phone Tag

Matt Carter’s Leadership Lessons on Business

On Picking the Right People
“Great strategy is one thing, but you really have to have great people. When you have great people you can stimulate great thoughts. I spent a third of my time examining the talent. Who wants to be here? Who are the people who can really make a difference? It’s no different in athletics or on the playground. You pick this person because he can shoot or that person because he’s tall. It’s the same thing in business. Get the right roster in place.”

On Engaging Your Team
“I try not to create unrealistic expectations. It’s important for the team to believe they can accomplish something. That’s very important in terms of success. If they feel like a goal is out of reach, you end up losing the confidence from the team. Jack Welch (former General Electric CEO) said it best: ‘Create reality.’ I try not to create fantasy on any level in business. People want to feel like you acknowledge and value their contribution. Most people want to do a good job. That to me is an asset to the organization, and it’s my job not to mess that up.”

This article originally appeared in the December 2009 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.