Pinky Doll

TikTok Star PinkyDoll Accused Of ‘Light Skin Fishing For A Check’

TikTok’s reigning NPC star, PinkyDoll, debuted at the Streamy Awards and has everyone talking about the difference in her physical appearance.

The award show honoring the best in content creation took place at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday, Aug. 28. PinkyDoll, who gained popularity with her money-making “ice cream so good” NPC content, was front and center to present the award for Streamer of The Year.

Video clips of her Streamy debut show Pinky entertaining the crowd with her signature slang and showing off her red carpet fashion. But instead of reacting to her random “gang gang” and cat growls, social media couldn’t stop making mention of how different she appears from her TikTok persona.

Known for rocking a blonde wig and acting as a non-playable character (NPC) for paying customers, PinkyDoll’s TikTok content shows her with much lighter skin than she displayed at the Streamy Awards. While it could just be a bright ring light she’s using or a filter, many accused the social media star of “catfishing” to present herself as light-skinned to the NPC community.

“Why she chocolate off TikTok but high yellow on TikTok 😭,” one person wrote.

“She be lightskinfishing for a check,” added someone else.

Others called PinkyDoll a “marketing genius” for seemingly presenting herself lighter on social media to appeal to the colorism that takes place worldwide.

“I hate how the quotes just talk about her skin, America is obsessed with skin color,” one person wrote.

“Some of you are being colorist. I never knew who she was until today,” another user added.

The Shade Room reposted tweets where some accused PinkyDoll of “catfishing for a check” or called her a “weirdo” for seemingly trying to appear as “biracial” on social media.


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“People feeling betrayed by her light skin fishing is making me giggle lol,” one user wrote.

Many praised PinkyDoll’s natural appearance and encouraged the TikToker to remove the filters and embrace her beautiful brown skin.

“And her brown skin tone is so beautiful! 😍 let’s get rid of the filters,” one user wrote.

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