‘Ice Cream So Good’: Nicki Minaj Made Big Bank In One TikTok NPC Session

Nicki Minaj is already a multi-millionaire. But that isn’t stopping the platinum-selling rapper from generating more profits with TikTok’s NPC community.

The Grammy-nominated rapper took to TikTok Aug. 21 to share some playful content with her fans and followers. The Neighborhood Talk reposted a few clips from her TikTok live session that showed the “Super Bass” femcee singing and rapping lyrics to Alanis Morissette’s classic hit “Ironic,” among other lively activities.

“Nicki on TikTok getting them coins,” THNT captioned its post that highlighted Nicki’s latest cash grab.

After showing off her singing and rapping skills, Nicki acted like a lion for a paying customer who sent the lion gift which costs 29,999 coins, a total of about $400 US dollars.

“Thank you,” she told the fan who paid for the action.

The next video showed Nicki asking fans if she can remove the icons that continued to pop up all over her body whenever a fan sends a gift her way.

“Guys, when people go live on TikTok, are they only able to do it with these things that are popping up?” she asks.

“Like is it an option to not have it on the screen like that?”

For those confused about what Nicki is up to, she’s jumped onto the NPC wave that’s taking TikTok by storm. NPCs are non-playable characters that originated in video games and serve as background characters with repetitive movements and sayings, but no storylines.

Anyone who frequents TikTok might know about the popular NPC TikTok Pinkydoll who popularized the movement by showing how she makes thousands acting like a non-playable video game character. Once Pinkydoll’s videos surfaced across the web, soon many others were following suit and jumped on the NPC wave where users can make a pretty penny acting like the eccentric characters.

Nicki joined TikTok’s NPC community earlier this month, as noted by Complex, and from the looks of it, she appears to be enjoying herself. With the rapper teasing her “Pink Print 2” album that’s set to release later this year, she’s seemingly using TikTok to interact with her fans, show off a different side of herself, and make some extra cash.

While playing around on TikTok, the “Anaconda” rapper has been in the giving mood. Most recently, Nicki surprised Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni with some cash money on TikTok Live.

Tokyo Toni was doing her own NPC on TikTok Live when she was surprised with a lion icon from Nicki Minaj.

“Is that really Nicki,” Tokyo asked her fans.

Once realizing it was the rapper, Tokyo did a little twerk and thanked her for sending her enough money to pay her electric bill.

“Nicki that’s an electric bill…..almost,” Tokyo jokingly said.

Nicki is out here having fun on TikTok and spreading the love.

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