Plus-Sized Boutique Owner Gifts High School Teen Her Dream Prom Dress

Plus-Sized Boutique Owner Gifts High School Teen Her Dream Prom Dress

Summer Lucille, a plus-size clothing boutique owner, has made a North Carolina teen’s prom dreams come true. In a viral TikTok video posted on March 11, Lucille gifted high school senior Elyse Monroe her $700 dream prom dress for free.

Lucille recalled growing up in the 1990s and how much she dreaded shopping for things like prom dresses while being plus-sized. She told TODAY, “If you weren’t skinny, there weren’t many options, and it was devastating for me because I’ve always loved fashion. I went to my prom looking like a church lady in a suit dress with a jacket because it was the only thing that fit.”

“It was a very sad period in my life. But I’m thankful for those experiences now. I know what it’s like to be a fat girl in a fatphobic world.”

She cited those moments as why she opened up her boutique, Juicy Body Goddess, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Located in the Northlake Mall, the store prides itself on being inclusive and accessible, carrying clothing sizes up to 6 XL. 

Eighteen-year-old senior Monroe described finding the Juicy Body Goddess on TikTok and traveling around six hours to consult with Lucille for a prom dress. 

In the viral TikTok video with over 12 million views, Lucille showed Monroe trying on several beautiful dresses while she hyped her up. All the prom dresses were gorgeous, but Monroe fell in love with a sparkling purple gown. Monroe, described as shy, lit up and smiled at herself in the mirror as she twirled and looked herself over.

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The soon-to-be prom-goer described that Lucille’s positivity made the experience extremely positive. She said, “Shopping is usually pretty stressful for me, which is why I mostly shop online — but we were laughing the whole time. It was actually fun.”

Monroe and her family brought the dress to the counter to check out, knowing they wanted to purchase it.

Lucille shocked the family by saying, “So this dress is $700 … but it’s free. We’re giving it to you.” She continued telling the outlet that she wasn’t sure why she gave the Monroe family the dress for free. “It’s just a feeling,” She said. “These prom consultations heal me. I cry at almost every one.”

Monroe and her family brought the purple evening gown back to her home in North Carolina. She opened up to TODAY about how much she loved it. “Not only does it fit — but it makes me feel good about myself,” she told TODAY. Monroe expressed, “Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful, and I feel beautiful in that dress.”