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Social Media Users React After Podcaster Says Black Women Are The Only Women Who ‘Embrace The Struggle’

An Instagram clip from the 8 At The Table podcast had social media users in an uproar recently when a guest claimed that Black women are the “only race” of women who wants to be independent, and they seem to “embrace the struggle.” 

 A social media influencer who goes by the Instagram handle @Gwap0 made these remarks when he appeared as a guest on the podcast. 

“I’ve never heard no Spanish woman talking about she happy to be independent. I never seen a white woman in my life on the ‘gram saying I’m independent.“ 

 “Right here,” panelist Aly_ems, a white woman, chimed in.  

 The animated guest seemed to ignore her statement and continued to speak. 

 “This is why we as a people don’t have a strong bond because Black women don’t want us,” the guest said, seemingly saying Black women don’t want Black men.

When the clip was reposted to Onsite’s Instagram page, social media users quickly chimed in with passionate rebuttals.

Instagram user panther4_lyfe,  who appears to be a male, offered encouragement to Black women.  

“And you never hear Brazilian, Chinese, and white men blaming the government for their constant shortfalls and brokenness! Our Black women have unwillingly adapted and that’s commendable not a fault! Keep shining Black women!”

Fox Soul Commentator Claudia Jordan wrote: “Trust us/ it’s not a choice. Many of us feel on our own and not protected from a very early age so we ACT like we embrace the struggle to not appear weak but many of us want nothing more to have a real partner we can totally feel safe with that won’t bounce at the slightest inconvenience. It’s a survival tactic IN MY OPINION (from being disappointed so much!).”

On the full episode of the podcast, which appears on YouTube, the outspoken influencer blamed “butt-hurt” mothers and grandmothers for Black women’s (perceived ) ideologies. 

 “They put that pain in their daughters,” he said.



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