Police Chief Calls George Zimmerman 'Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen'

Police Chief Email Agrees “Zimmerman is Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen”

george zimmerman
George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match with DMX has been canceled by the event's promoter.

george zimmermanThe Police Chief in Lake Mary, Florida where George Zimmerman currently resides is not a fan.

Zimmerman has had a traffic citation and an arrest on record since his not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. His most recent brush with the law was an arrest for alleged threats made with a gun to his wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father. Shellie later dropped the charges and Zimmerman was released. Residents of Lake Mary have become disgruntled with Zimmerman’s presence and have been very vocal with the Police Chief.

In an email to the Police Chief, resident Santiago Rodriguez expressed his concerns with Zimmerman’s apparent short temper. In his letter he states that Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook or Aurora waiting to happen. The Police Chief, Steve Bracknell, replied to Rodriguez agreeing to the sentiment and assuring Rodriguez that they are acting within the confines of the law. Despite Shellie’s refusal to press charges, the police are still considering whether they have enough evidence to charge Zimmerman.

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