POLL: Pat-Down or Enhanced Scanning?
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POLL: Pat-Down or Enhanced Scanning?

Public safety efforts are often accompanied by some degree of lost privacy–be it video surveillance in every store and on every street corner, an unexpected search of your suitcase or car, or a physical intrusion into your personal space and comfort zone. This is exactly what many air travelers are having to contend with now that the transportation security administration has ramped up its efforts at protecting the country against terrorism.

Many of us felt victimized enough when we stepped cautiously through a metal detector and/or got a beeping electronic wand brushed over bodies. Now that metal detector has been replaced with a near X-ray strength full body scanner, the likes of which existed only in science fiction books and films once. And that beeping wand has been replaced by a gloved hand with probing fingers. Is one measure less intrusive than the other? Do you have a preference for a particular method? Take our poll below and tell us what you think.

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