Pomona College

Pomona College

Name of school: Pomona College

Mailing Address: 333 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711

2008 Rank: 22

2006 Rank: Not on list

Matriculation Rate of African Americans: 87%

Average GPA: 3.9

Total Enrollment: 119

African American Enrollment: 1,545

Number of Applications: 5,907

Acceptance Rate: 16

Average SAT: Reading: 690-770; Math 690-760; Writing 680-750

Black Student Group(s): Pan African Student Association

Summer Programs: No

Application Deadlines: Regular Decision: Jan. 1

Early Decision I: Early Decision 1 — Nov. 1

Early Decision II: December 28

Acceptance Letters Sent Out: Early Decision I: Dec. 15; Early Decision 2- Feb. 15; Regular Decision: April 5

Financial Aid/Deadlines: CSS Profile: Early Decision I: Nov. 15, Early Decision 2 — Dec. 28, Regular Decision and FAFSA- Feb. 1

Costs: Tuition & Fees: Instate $2,020 Outstate 6,74; Room & Board: $11,784; Books & Supplies: 900

Carter Delloro, Admissions Officer

What are you looking for in a student?

Wow, this one is pretty broad. We’re looking for a student who is well-rounded. He or she will be able to work successfully in multiple disciplines, and be involved in our campus community in an extracurricular manner. Therefore, previous extracurricular involvement and academic success are beneficial to students in our process. We’re also looking for students who will be active participants in the intellectual life on campus, both in and out of the classroom.

What advice do you have for students who might fall short of minimum requirements, but still want to attend?

Since we don’t have official minimum requirements, I’m not sure how to answer this one. Challenge yourself and do as well as you can with each of those challenges. Don’t overextend yourself so that you can’t succeed at classes or activities that you’ve signed up for, but make sure that you are still pushing yourself to a certain extent. Develop good relationships with your teachers so that they will be able to speak to your strengths in your recommendations. If you can submit supplementary material in the arts, athletics, or sciences, you should definitely do that. It can be the strength that helps distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

What advice do you have for applicants?

All of the advice above applies for this question. Also, interview if you can. We offer alumni interviews all across the country if you can’t make it to campus. This is another way for you to distinguish yourself from everyone else, so you should take advantage of it. You don’t want to leave the application process wishing that you’d done something different.

What kind of opportunities do you have for non-traditional — transfer, international, students?

Transfer applications are due on March 15th, and we typically admit a handful of these types of students every year. International students can apply as both first-year students or as transfer students. Their applications are read identically to those of domestic students, except that we are not