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Pomona College

need-blind for international students.

How does the university weigh GPA, SAT scores and other factors in the application process?

Because we are a small liberal arts college, we are able to fully read each section of the application. Each one of these segments is significant to us, so an applicant should pay a lot of attention to each of these areas.

What is the student-teacher ratio?


What is the university’s housing situation like? Is it difficult for freshman and sophomores to get housing?

Freshman are required to live on campus. We guarantee housing for all four years on campus, and 97% of students take us up on the offer. Getting housing will not be a problem at any time as a Pomona student.

How active is the college in helping students find internships and full-time jobs?

The Career Development Office is very effective at placing students in internships. As part of Pomona College Internship Program, students can do a local internship in almost any field during the school year and receive course credit toward graduation. The CDO also hosts a major job fair each fall with hundreds of national organizations in attendance at which seniors can network with potential employers. Additionally, there is a vast and active alumni netowrk with which the CDO is in touch in order to help students find willing employers.