Pre-Debate Q&A with Adolfo Franco

Pre-Debate Q&A with Adolfo Franco

Adolfo Franco, the McCain-Palin, Latin affairs advisor took a moment to call in and give his perspective on the difference on Sens. John McCain and  Barack Obama on matters concerning Cuba and Venezuela. What do you predict will be McCain’s stance on America’s relationship with Cuba if McCain were president? Would he have a hard-line stance?

Adolfo Franco: Very very bright-light distinction between him and Obama. Obama had an opposition to an embargo with Cuba. Now that he is running for president he has change his position sometimes he’s against it and sometimes he is not. No preconditions.  John McCain’s position is consistent in that he will not sit down with dictators that do not demonstrate a genuine openness to democracy. He has a 25-year record of continuing to put the pressure on Cuba until Cuba begins to change, until there is movement toward a democracy in Cuba, they release political prisoners and allow free press.

What McCain would do differently than Obama, he would provide more assistance to the dissident movement in Cuba and work with our allies to pressure Cuba to form a democracy.

Do you agree with McCain’s policies toward Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? Do you think Obama’s Latin Policy falls short?

Its very difficult to understand what Barack Obama’s policies are since he ahs never set foot in the region. Barack Obama dangerously has suggested he would sit down with Chavez while he is insulting the U.S. He has not in any way ruled democratically and has put pressure on free enterprise. John McCain said this is not acceptable. You don’t reward and engage in a country until you see a change in the policies that oppress people in that society.

With hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the past year, does McCain’s support of CAFTA hurt American workers?

The fact of the matter is the only way we can grow is by growing markets worldwide. Obama is opposed to the Columbia Free Trade Agreement. Ninety-two percent of Columbia’s goods come in duty free. American goods that go there are taxed. That is costing people jobs. That is costing us $1 billion in tariffs. An aggressive free trade agreement gives Americans an opportunity to export more, the American economy a change to grow, more jobs to be created and prosperity to take place abroad.

It will increase the opportunity for consumers overseas to buy American products. Like most things in life there is going to be some displacement. McCain’s support of CAFTA will create more jobs that are more competitive. He will find job opportunity in the free trade agreement. Barack Obama’s idea of erecting barriers is a disaster. We need to open the overseas market. We need the ability for people to buy American products. Obama is captive to the labor unions model. That model led to the great depression. Trade barriers led to the great depression. We need policy that