Pregnant Florida Woman Found Dead Next to Car With Sleeping 23-Month-Old Inside

Pregnant Florida Woman Found Dead Next to Car With Sleeping 23-Month-Old Inside

A family is grieving the loss of a loved one found dead on the street of a residential neighborhood in Florida.

According to People, Alana Sims’ body was discovered next to a Ford EcoSport SUV. Inside the vehicle was her 23-month-old son who was fast asleep. Sims was publicly identified by her family on Tuesday, who also revealed she was five months pregnant.

“Alana was the best person you could be around. She wasn’t around drama.” Shahlevi Sims, Alana’s mother said to People. “She stayed to herself, you know, just a real down-to-earth person. She loved being around her nieces, she loved her son and her family.”

According Fox 13, Tampa Police Department spokesperson Crystal Clark said that Sims’ death is believed to be a targeted attack. “I can tell you, when she was laying on the ground, it appeared she had been deceased for a bit of time,” she explained.

[She] was a lovable soul. I mean, she didn’t have to die young,” Shalevi Sims told Fox 13. She shouldn’t have to die young. And everybody should know that, you know, your loved ones, you want to keep them close because you just don’t know.”

According to a press release from the city of Tampa, the case is still under investigation by homicide detectives. As for the baby boy who was in his car seat in the back of the vehicle when the police arrived, he was unharmed and is now being looked after by family.

“This is a complete tragedy,” Clark said. “You have a child now who’s without a mother because someone took her life while the child was sitting right there in the car behind her as it happened.”

Sims’ family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs. The family asked for $4,000. As of Thursday afternoon, nearly $11,000 had been raised.