Presidential Debate Sets Record on Twitter, Most-Tweeted Event in U.S. Political History

Presidential Debate Generates a Record 10.3 Million Tweets

(Image: Twitter Government)
(Image: Twitter Government)

Although political pundits are calling Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney the winner of Wednesday night’s debate, it’s fair to say both President Obama and Romney won in the Twitterverse.  The presidential debate amassed a record 10.3 million tweets over the course of the 90-minute debate, making it the most-tweeted event in political history, according to Twitter.

The Denver, Co. event trumps the records set by this year’s Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention.

Obama’s “I have five seconds” response to moderator Jim Lehrer when objecting he still had time on the clock was a Twitterville favorite, generating over 152,000 tweets per minute (TPM). Romney’s “Big Bird” remark took the commentary cake and began trending right after he ruffled more than the Sesame Street character’s feathers, admitting that he “loves Big Bird,” but would still cut subsidies for PBS. The Big Bird reference sparked a quarter million tweets mentioning the big yellow bird.

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