B.E. Business Report: Amerihealth CEO Michael Rashid on Healthcare

Preview B.E. Business Report: Amerihealth CEO Michael Rashid on Healthcare

Obama Signs Health Care Bill into Law: On March, 23, 2010, in what the The New York Times calls "the most expansive legislation enacted in decades," President Obama signs his controversial-yet-landmark national health-care bill into law. Onlookers at the signing included Victoria Kennedy, wife of the late Ted Kennedy—who had made passing such legislation his life’s work for 40 years. How did the Vice President Joe Biden sum up the moment? "Mr. President, this is a big [expletive] deal."

This week on Black Enterprise Business Report we peak inside America’s healthcare system with Powerplayer Michael Rashid, CEO of Amerihealth. The healthcare industry is big business and Rashid is keeping million of Americans healthy while helping to build up the community.

Also, HUD secretary Shaun Donovan re-accesses the housing market. Are there opportunities out there that we don’t know about? Donovan provides some answers. Our featured Entrepreneur of the Week is Cheryl Lofton, a third generation owner of a family-owned tailor and alteration business. Lofton’s sewing her way to success, and now she’s preparing the fourth generation to take over. And finally, correspondent Sonia Alleyne introduces holistic teas to make you feel better when you’re having a rough day.

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