Jade Cargill, WWE

Smackdown! Professional Wrestler Jade Cargill Signs With WWE

All Elite Wrestling’s longest-reigning TBS champion, Jade Cargill, has made her way to WWE.

The 31-year-old AEW champ has officially signed with the professional wrestling company, which WWE reported is a multiyear contract. According to ESPN, promotion officials shared that Cargill’s official start with WWE was September 26.

The Florida native began her professional wrestling career two years ago, with her in-ring debut in March 2021 at AEW’s mixed tag-team match. Partnered with NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, she faced off against her mentor, WWE’s Cody Rhodes, and AEW star Red Velvet. Cargill held the title as the first AEW TBS champion for 508 days, from Jan. 5, 2022 until May, 28, 2023.

WWE called the 5-foot-10 fitness model a “standout performer.” Cargill talked about joining WWE during an interview on The Ringer’s “The Masked Man Show.”

“I felt like this was always the mission,” she said. “This was all expected.” She shared that she feels like being with WWE will also push her closer to her outside-of-the-ring ambitions. “I have more eyes on me now. You know, I have a target on my back. So, it’s going to do nothing but help me obtain those goals that I know that I can do.”

The pro wrestler is ready to continue upholding the visual of what a strong Black woman is in America. “I am here to create footsteps for the next generation. I want to see little Black boys [and] little Black girls…to know there’s no ceiling. I wear the shattered glass because I’m here to break [the] glass ceiling.”

Cargill’s career has garnered her a fan base of nearly 1 million Instagram followers. As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISEshe reflected on being a Black co-owner for the Austin-based professional softball franchise Texas Smoke, a business venture the former Division I college basketball player has explored with her partner, Brandon Phillips. The Women’s Professional Fastpitch team won their first championship title under the couple’s ownership.

The rising star was present at the professional wrestling company’s Performance Center in Orlando on Sept. 26; however, it has not been confirmed if Cargill will make her debut as part of WWE’s main roster or perform for its developmental brand, NXT, before moving up.