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Protecting the Right to Vote

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Separately, the Election Protection, a nonpartisan voter protection coalition, today launched its 2008 general election campaign. Both NoVoterLeftBehind and Election Protection aim to make sure that no American who has the legal right to vote be denied their right. offers tips Americans going through foreclosure needs to know about their vote:

–  You can’t lose the right to vote due to an inability to meet mortgage payments.  “If any Republican tries to tell you differently, don’t listen to him or her!”

–  If you are in the foreclosure process — but still living in your home — you still vote where you live.  The foreclosure process itself does not bear on your right to vote or where you exercise that right.

–  If you are forced to move due to foreclosure before the voting registration deadline, you should re-register to vote at your new home location.

–  If you move due to foreclosure after the voting registration deadline — but before the election — go to vote where you were last registered to vote.  Keep in mind the following: You have the right to vote by signing an affirmation (or similar form) if your right to vote is challenged for any reason; and if your name isn’t on the registered voter list, you have the right to vote by provisional ballot.

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