Protests Pegged To 'Occupy Google' And Net Neutrality - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Tuesday, June 24, proved to be a lively day at Google headquarters when 10 protestors were arrested while fighting against the recent Net Neutrality ruling.

Google has raised the ire of a small band of demonstrators as an “Occupy Google” group gathered outside the corporate office in Mountain View, California, to confront the SEO juggernaut and protect Net Neutrality. According to Contra Costa News, the Google Website and Twitter feed appeared that same morning, but the focus is on the group’s impending July 10 protest. Both make it clear that there will be “coordinated effort with a larger protest online.”

The San Jose Mercury News suggested that fewer than two dozen people attended the protest and remained calm through the day, at one point holding a large “Protect Net Neutrality” across a plaza in front of the Google building.

You can read the full story with all the updates by clicking here.

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