Proud Boys Member Arrested, Charged With Six Felonies
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Proud Boys Member Arrested, Charged With Six Felonies

Proud Boys
Proud Boys member Alan Swinney points a gun at anti-racist protesters in August. (Image: Twitter/@IDG_News)

The day after President Donald Trump told a far-right, neo-fascist group known as the Proud Boys to stand by and stand ready, one of its members was arrested in Portland, Oregon, on 12 charges.

Alan Swinney was arrested on multiple felony charges Wednesday, including assault and the unlawful use of a weapon. Additionally, Swinney was charged with the unlawful use of tear gas and menacing.

A September 11 indictment alleges Swimmey, a member of the Proud Boys, used a paintball gun August 15 and again on August 22 to cause physical injury to another person and, on the latter date, pointed a revolver at someone “which placed that person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.”

Video footage also shows Swinney pointing a gun at anti-racist protestors during a rally on August 22.

The charges come a day after Trump refused to denounce the organization during Tuesday’s presidential debate. Moderator Chris Wallace directly asked Trump if he would condemn White supremacist organizations.

Instead, Trump did everything not to answer the question, before calling the Proud Boys by name and telling them to “stand by and stand ready.”

Trump tried to play down the comment early Thursday but others in the GOP, including Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), condemned the president’s statements.

“White supremacy should be denounced at every turn. I think the president misspoke, and he needs to correct it,” Scott said Wednesday. “If he doesn’t correct it, I guess he didn’t misspeak.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) agreed with Scott.

“With regard to the White supremacy issue, I want to associate myself with the remarks of Sen. Tim Scott,” McConnell told reporters Thursday. “I think he said it exactly correctly and that’s exactly how I would express myself on that issue.”

The Proud Boys pledged their allegiance to Trump hours after the debate, using the president’s comment in its logo. Trump did eventually did say something, telling the Proud Boys they should let law enforcement handle protests and claiming he’s never heard of the group.

Swinney’s arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.