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QUIZ: Is Opening a Franchise Right for You?

6. How do you feel about performing in a sales role?

A.    I like convincing people to buy my product or service
B.    I’m not crazy about making sales but I know it’s important
C.    I hate to make sales and would not expect to be involved in sales in any way

7. Are you ready to work long hours to make this franchise succeed?

A.    Yes, I willing to work as many hours as it takes
B.    Possibly, but I have a personal life too
C.    Not at all

8. Can you lead or complete projects on your own?

A.    Yes
B.    Possibly, but I prefer structure
C.    No, I need structure, staff, and supervision

9. Do you like to follow established rules to achieve an objective?

A.    Yes, why reinvent the wheel
B.    No, I prefer flexibility
C.    It depends, I like to mix new methods with existing rules

10. Do you have cash reserves to spend on a preexisting business?

A. Yes, I’ve been planning and I am financially prepared
B. No, but I get it
C. No, I will start making money immediately

A=3 points
B= 2 points
C= 1 point