Raygrid Calderon: DreemKaCHer App Helping Others Network

Raygrid Calderon’s DreemKaCHer App Helps You Network From the Palm of Your Hand Smartphone

raygrid calderonWe all dream, some more than others. The type of dreams I’m referring to are the ones that people are passionate about, no sleeping involved (although it is optional).

Raygrid Calderon wants to make sure you get closer to, if not, capture your dream by just lifting your finger. And, yes, it can happen.

Social media plays a very strong part in just about all we do these days, and Calderon has helped develop an app that brings you closer to the people you want to network with in hopes of  building mutually beneficial business relationships for you and any other party that can help you reach your goals.

But, as she puts it, she is just “passing a Dreemer to a Kacher.”

You recently launched a mobile app on iOS called DreemKaCHer, what does the app do?

Calderon: While many burgeoning artists, musicians, managers, agents, publicists, writers, entrepreneurs and business owners already have strong ties and connections within their specific business communities, many desire to tap into other areas of life and network and conduct business with individuals they feel they can have mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with. DreemKaCHer aims to accomplish just that with an easy to use interface that provides you with access to individuals from different industries with no barriers, and conveniently on your smartphone. It’s an innovative way of expanding your dreams of success by marketing, networking and promoting yourself and/or brand to those who share your interest and want to help build yours.

How did you come up with DreemKaCHer?

I saw a need for a basic steppingstone for people who are starting a business or want to show the world their talent. There are so many talented people with no official platform to display their craft. There are many sites where people can submit information but none that can properly showcase their art, their music all in one place while remaining professional. There are also many people who are passionate about their work but don’t have the means to create a website or able to become [a] celebrity networking socialites, and I want to help those people be seen and heard without having to deter their integrity. A place where what matters is your ‘dreem’ not what you wear, whom you know or how many followers you have.

What type of expectations do you have for your app?

We all have dreams. We are increasingly dependent on our smartphones. And the state of the economy drives individuals to create additional sources of income. This app allows an individual or business to have their dreams follow them due to its mobile platform. I think we’re all ready for that. As far as the popularity of it, I know it’ll take some time because some people step back with anything that’s innovative, but I also know that people who believe in themselves, their business, talent can see how this app can be utilized and can make it popular for themselves, their business.