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Building Success Brick By Brick: The Inspiring Story Of Doug And Atiya Parson, Real Estate Power Couple

Insights from the the couple's new book, 'We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate'

In the bustling real estate world, where deals go down and fortunes rise and fall, one couple stands out for their expertise in real estate, and their unwavering commitment to each other and their family. Today about 6% of real estate agents and brokers in the United States are Black, though 14% of Americans are Black.

White real estate agents make almost three times as much as their Black peers, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Doug “Bricks” Parson, renowned celebrity realtor and flipping expert, and his wife, Dr. Atiya “Blondie” Parson, Ph.D., a seasoned realtor and business partner, have forged a path to success through shared values, resilience, and a deep understanding of what it takes to build both successful relationships and thriving real estate ventures. In their new book, We Nailed It! The Blueprint for Relationships and Real Estate, they offer readers a unique blend of personal experiences, professional wisdom, and invaluable lessons learned along their journey. 

BLACK ENTERPRISE had a candid conversation with Doug and Atiya Parson, exploring their book’s key themes paralleling home building and maintenance to marriage and uncovering the secrets to their success in love and business.

Building a Strong Foundation (Chapter 1)

Growing up in circumstances marred by absent fathers and personal struggles, Doug and Atiya Parson found themselves drawn together by a shared determination to carve out their path in life. “Our differences helped bring us together,” Doug reflected, his voice tinged with nostalgia and resilience. “We wanted to create our scenario, our own story,” Atiya added. Their upbringing, marked by challenges, instilled in them a deep-seated desire to create a different future for themselves and their family. Despite the hardships, they found solace in their shared values and aspirations, laying the foundation for a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding. “Our differences made us better,” Doug concluded, a hint of pride evident in his voice, “We set parameters on how to make a strong foundation for our kids and us.”

Protecting What Matters Most (Chapter 5)

In chapter five of their book, Doug and Atiya Parson delve into the concept of protection within a marriage, using the metaphor of a home’s roof to illustrate its importance. “You can’t have a relationship or marriage without that protection,” Doug asserted, his tone firm yet reassuring. The protective barrier they’ve erected around their relationship guards against the unpredictable storms of life, safeguarding their love from external threats. Atiya recalled a poignant incident, underscoring the necessity of clear communication and transparency in their real estate work to uphold this protective barrier. “It was a lesson in boundaries and transparency,” she shared, her eyes reflecting the wisdom gained from experience, “Communication is key to maintaining that roof over our marriage, keeping out anything that threatens its integrity.”

Adapting and Growing Together (Chapter 8)

Navigating through the ebbs and flows of life, Doug and Atiya emphasized the importance of adaptability and growth in their relationship. “You gotta take this stuff one step at a time,” Doug advised, carrying the weight of years of experience. “You learn through the stages, and you just get better.” Their journey, marked by various stages and challenges, has taught them the value of evolving together, of weathering life’s storms hand-in-hand. Atiya nodded in agreement, a soft smile gracing her lips as she reflects on their shared experiences. “Communication and shared experiences are essential,” she added, her gaze warm with affection, “We’ve learned to adapt and grow together in real estate and our relationship, finding strength in each other’s presence.”

Charting a Path Forward

As Doug and Atiya Parson continue to inspire others with their success in real estate and love, they remain committed to changing the narrative. “We showed you all that we can get money…but we thought it would be dope to marry them,” Doug enthused, his voice brimming with excitement at the prospect of empowering others. Their mission extends beyond real estate, and financial prosperity, encompassing relational fulfillment and personal growth. Through their book and personal experiences, they offer readers a roadmap for success, blending practical advice with heartfelt anecdotes. Their journey exemplifies resilience, love, and the transformative power of partnership, inspiring others to create success stories in real estate and life.

In a world where success is often measured in monetary terms, Doug and Atiya Parson remind us of the value of relationships and the importance of building a solid foundation, protecting what matters most, and adapting and growing together.

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