4 Real-Life Workshops Colleges Should Offer

4 Real-World Workshops Every College Should Offer

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A lot of the career lessons we learn in the real world can be learned early on in college if the right resources are available to students. We all make career mistakes, no matter how young or old, but some of these mistakes can be avoided if someone had just took the time to teach us some professional lessons in the beginning. Below are four workshops that all colleges/universities should offer to ensure that their students are beyond prepared for the real world.

Social Media: Having a social media presence isn’t an issue with young professionals today, but the the type of online presence is. A social media workshop to teach students about the importance of presenting themselves in a professional manner is vital because a profile can often times make or break an employer’s decision to hire.

Personal Branding: It’s never too early to learn about personal branding. A branding workshop will teach students about the importance of establishing your name and building a professional portfolio for yourself. It can also teach lessons on branding mistakes they should avoid so their careers aren’t tarnished at an early stage.

Internship Etiquette: Everyone knows how important internships are to your career, but not everyone knows how to make the best lasting impressions. A workshop about internship etiquette can teach students about everything from how to use professional language in work emails, to sending thank you notes to the boss, to how to actually land the next gig. All of these are key lessons that will help students make the most of their experience.

Professional Attire: It’s easy to assume that an individual knows how to separate their club gear from professional clothes, but some young professionals prove that the distinction isn’t always easy to make. This workshop can teach students a lesson or two about appropriate attire and building their winning look.