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Rebuilding An Empire

says he will look to add more corporate accounts to the pension funds and institutional investors he alre
ady serves. Over the next 12 to 24 months, he hopes to open a retail investment vehicle that will allow Capri to work with individual investors through publicly traded closed-end mutual funds and 401(k) programs. And the acquisition of Trilogy might be joined by the acquisition of another securities asset management business to expand and accelerate Capri’s reach into the retail market.

In the meantime, Primo has been content to earn frequent flyer miles trying to find the next burgeoning real estate market. “I spent two weeks in western Europe looking at markets and exploring European sources of capital,” he admits with a grin. With the financial resources he’s put together, who knows? Perhaps the next flight he gets on will take him to the deal that real estate legends are made of.
— Additional reporting by Rene Brinkley and June Smith Bryant