Women of Power Summit Moving From Pain to Power
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[Recap] BE Women of Power Summit ‘Moving From Pain to Power’

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There is no doubt about the overwhelmingly positive and empowering nature of the The Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit. And in case you missed the ultimate empowerment meet-up, here’s a recap of, “Enough is Enough, Moving from Pain to Power,” a session hosted by speaker and anesthesiologist, Dr. Brenna Lindsay.

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Black Enterprise caught up with Dr. Lindsay to discuss the concept of her session, how to breakthrough and the overall takeaway.

The concept:

This session in particular was born out of discussions about women who attempt to ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all’, women who achieve success and appear to have the work-life balance equation solved, but in reality may harbor dark personal situations or secrets that render or attempt to render us powerless behind the public mask of our successful lives and personas. The very huge and current topic of relationship violence became a focal point of the discussion. As panelists, we discussed not only the nature and prevalence of the topic, some shared their own personal experiences, but we also allowed any member of the audience to do so as they felt comfortable. Steps to confronting and dealing with the situation, developing a healing strategy and moving forward with an even more empowered life were discussed. Through all the shared stories, tears, hugs, and an affirmation of a compassionate sisterhood, it proved to be a very empowering session.

Three major steps to breaking through:

1. With this particular topic, knowing what abuse actually is is important. You must trust your feelings. If something doesn’t seem right, you take those feelings seriously. Love does not hurt emotionally, mentally, sexually or physically. Abuse is not love.

2. Breaking through denial is the first step. It’s not your fault. Know that you have basic human rights. Your well being is part of your survival. This will lead to refusing to be abused and eventually stopping it.

3. Connect with your pain. It is the only way you will begin to deal with it, get help and begin the process of healing.

Overall Takeaway:

The truth starts with self. You can’t seek help until you fully realize you are being abused. There are no sequels to this life. Your worth and the value of your life for you and your loved ones is immense. So do whatever it takes to get it right the first time. You’re stronger than you ever think you are. Move from being a victim to a survivor. Embrace the truth …so you can make change….so you can embrace your power.