RECAP: Black Enterprise Witnesses Monster's Evolution

RECAP: Black Enterprise Witnesses Monster’s Evolution

Hip-hop artist and producer Meek Mill is seen in Monster 2k4 headphones. (Image:
(Image: Evolve Entertainment)

Monster via Evolve’s event at the Standard NYC introduced a wireless music system called SoundStage. Available in stores Oct. 25, the product will be out in three different models: S1 ($199.95), S2 ($299.95), and S3 ($399.95). The SoundStage is controlled through an app and even offers dual wireless capability. That means you can pair your S1 and S2 and play music throughout the area.

Hearing the wonderful sounds of Bob Marley pumping out of the S1 and then hearing it streamed through the S2 and S3 was impressive. The Superstar is a wireless, lightweight compact speaker that was shown to us immediately after the SoundStage. Water resistant and available in a myriad of colors, the Superstar consists of two full-range speakers for optimal clarity and coherence. The system even has two bass radiators for those who love bass. The goal of the Superstar is to impact the wireless speaker system that’s been monopolized by Jambox.

Monster wanted to prove that it is leagues above its competition and didn’t hesitate to let us know. In addition to the Apple shots, the folks at Monster have expanded their headphone collection with brand partnerships with Adidas and UFC. Personally, I was interested in the other part of their collection, the DiamondZ headphones. Debuting four new metallic colors — rose gold, chrome, black chrome, and clear blue, Monster is distinguishing the line by calling it the “first headphones designed specifically for women.”

Throughout my time there I was impressed with how much Monster has ingrained itself within pop culture on the low. Stars seem to easily align themselves with Lee and his merry band of audio engineers — a fact that is very cool to see in real life. Swizz Beatz casually stopped by to see what the company was working on. All in all, with Evolve Entertainment bridging the gap between influencers and the products of Monster, yours truly had a great time, and I am happy to bring this information back to you Black Enterprise lifers.

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