RECAP: Sony's Holiday Jamboree

RECAP: Black Enterprise Previews Sony’s Holiday Jamboree

Photo: Disney / Marvel


During my attempt to find DriveClub, another PlayStation 4 exclusive, I stumbled upon CounterSpy. The stealth shooter was developed by indie studio Dynamighty, which boasts former LucasArts and Pixar veterans, and was a surprising delight to play. An exclusive to the PS4 console and available on the PS3, PS Vita, and mobile platforms, CounterSpy combines the throwback style of the 1950’s and 1960’s with cool spy mythology.

The mission I chose to accept was to stop a plan devised by the world’s superpowers to launch a nuclear strike on the moon. With only a handful of attempts to defeat them before they blow up the big hunk of rock, I must use my sharpshooting skills and powers of stealth to navigate each level. CounterSpy utilizes procedural content generation, which means that no two missions are ever the same. This is great for those who always want to be challenged or expect something new.

A plus that sealed the deal on me wanting to play more CounterSpy was the ability to sync my game across all platforms. I can also share exclusive content such as unique spy weapons without feeling constricted to the device or console I prefer to use. With CounterSpy dropping this summer, it is a safe bet that any Bond-in-Training will use this game for exercise.