Recruiters Ditching Monster for LinkedIn, Facebook

Recruiters Ditching Monster for LinkedIn, Facebook

Online job boards like Monster, Craigslist and CareerBuilder may soon become obsolete as recruiters find candidates by relying on tools that mine social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin, Businessweek reports.

The head of recruitment at Adobe Systems Jeff Vijungco, told Businessweek: “I think job postings are such old news. Social is the hot new industry.”

Over the past year Adobe has filled only 5 percent of its opening through job boards, while more than half have been through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has tools like Recruiter, which lets headhunters search its profiles and contact potential candidates; and Talent Pipeline which enables recruiters to track and stay in touch with candidates. Many companies also use Facebook to find recruits using its friend-finding feature and applications like Branch Out.

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