Remembering 7 Women Who Paved the Way

Remembering 7 Women Who Paved the Way

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Annie Lee

Annie Frances Lee is a legendary artist whose masterpieces are a valued treasure among art collectors all over the world. Throughout Lee’s work, you can spot one common, signature thread: All of her subjects are faceless. The esteemed artist didn’t paint facial features because she wanted to bring her pieces to life through the characters’ movement and body language. Facial features and expressions she felt would distract from this. Annie Lee’s art was often spotted as décor on classic television series and films, like A Different World, Coming to America and ER. One of her most celebrated pieces is “Blue Monday,” which she was inspired to create after dreading her cold wait on the bus one Monday morning at 5 o’clock. Annie Lee died on November 24th. She was 79 years old.