Retailers Facing Backlash Over Factory Conditions

Retailers Facing Backlash Over Factory Conditions

blue pinstripe suitRemember hearing about that garment factory collapse in Bangladesh a few weeks ago? If not, chances are high that the clothing items you purchased over the weekend were stitched in an Asian factory.

Global retailers, like H&M, Gap and Uniqlo, are facing renewed public outrage over the poor, unsafe conditions in the factories mass producing those cute and stylish sun dresses.

Despite having nothing to do with the factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed more than 140 people in late April, H&M is joining an effort to get other big players in the “fast retailing” business to hold factory owners accountable for criminally low-wages, unsafe facilities and other issues that have gone unaddressed, reports the New York Times.

After the factory collapse, H&M began seeing customer complaints on its Facebook page, which currently features Beyonce’s Bangladesh-made swimsuit.