Bluetooth Keyboards Review: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Bluetooth Keyboards: Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

AVS Bluetooth Keyboard

AVS Gear Zippy BT-637

Pros: Comfortable keys, full set of function keys.
Cons: Even larger than some PC keyboards.
Bottom line: Good stay-at-home or office keyboard.

The full-size Zippy BT-637 Bluetooth keyboard from AVS Gear Inc. is a comfortable alternative to tablet poking. It mimics the keyboard layout of a Windows notebook down to the touchpad centered below the standard-size keys. The mouse buttons are on either side of the touchpad instead of below it–a minor departure from the norm.

The $70 unit can memorize up to six devices and switch between them quickly. The standard function keys across the top double as media-control keys when used with the Fn key. Many of the embedded function keys are meant for Windows notebooks but some, like the media-control keys, worked just as well when tested on a Bluetooth-enabled iMac. Like other keyboards here, some of the special keys serve no function for tablets.

At 14.4 inches wide, 7.3 inches deep and about an inch high, the Zippy BT-637 takes up a lot of desktop space. The Media Touch Keypad, an array of six backlit touch-sensitive keys on the right offer Home, Mail, Forward, Back, Search and Refresh keys.