Rhode Island Wedding Party Rumbles With Police, Shows Racial Double Standard

Rhode Island Wedding Party Rumbles With Police, Shows Racial Double Standard

A Rhode Island wedding went from a love fest to an all-out melee after the wedding party got into a brawl with the police, and the entire altercation was caught on video.

On Sept. 9, the post-wedding festivities were in full swing right up until members of the ceremony allegedly confronted police officers, causing law enforcement agents to become hands-on. What initially started as a tense conversation seems to have developed into full-on violence between the wedding party, who appeared to be mostly white, and the law enforcement officials.

While the footage appears to reveal that both sides of the issue were aggressive with one another, a woman was also shown to have kicked a cop in the groin area. Another woman also allegedly tried to grab one officer’s handgun, to which he punched her and caused her to fall out, as detailed in the police report obtained by TMZ.

The entire ordeal was prompted when a male member of the wedding group was denied entrance into a bar. After allegedly physically harming the staff, the police were called in, and the situation escalated. Allegedly, the man’s wife drunkenly tried to intervene, but her efforts only resulted in more violence.

Six people were arrested in the aftermath. No lives were lost, a fear Black people often have in similar interactions with the police or for much less.

This incident also comes on the heels of the Alabama brawl in which a fight occurred at a boat dock, as white attendees jumped a Black security officer after he tried to enforce the rules.

The Rhode Island brawl highlights disparities in how different groups are treated. Seemingly, police interactions with white offenders rarely result in their death, such as 18-year-old white mass murderer Payton Gendron, who killed 10 people in a racist attack in Buffalo, New York. He was arrested without any harm coming to him.

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