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Russell Simmons Joins the Obama Campaign


RS: Be connected. Isolation is sickness. If you don’t vote, and you realize the urgency of it and you don’t take the effort to vote it is typical of how you probably treat the rest of the world. It is probably typical of how you treat your family. It is an example of the way you see the world.

Each person is responsible as a servant and voting is a very important service. As a human being it helps you be more connected to the whole global life. We want people to vote. When you come out of the voting booth you feel like you’ve taken a big step, just as an individual. If you vote or if you don’t vote, it’s your weight. If you sit still and this next leadership continues with these policies, ignore the poor, destroy the planet. Then they are your policies. It’s yours. If you vote against it then you can sleep well. 

So we don’t want to be isolated. Isolation is sickness. Connected is everything.