Russell Westbrook Expands Business Portfolio By Launching RW Digital

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Russell Westbrook is expanding his brand into the digital advertising game.

Westbrook, the Lakers starting point guard, is launching Russell Westbrook Enterprises with a new digital media division, RW Digital. The division was formed to create specific solutions that will allow brands to be more proficient in reaching diverse audiences and strengthen owned and operated minority publishers.

“With RW Digital, my mission is to enable brands to reach multicultural audiences through programmatic data-driven media solutions. Current multicultural advertising lacks marketplace knowledge and a deeper understanding of cultural nuances. Our platform also partners with brands to drive social impact to important social causes,” said Westbrook in a written statement. “Empowering underserved communities is my passion. With this venture, I can make an impact on a global scale.”

Westbrook’s business portfolio has been growing rapidly as he touches multiple verticals, including venture capital, fashion, real estate, insurance, and with this latest venture, digital advertising. Explicitly focused on helping the underserved and people of color, Westbrook has intentionally expanded his mission of empowerment through sharp and thoughtful exploration of more ways to achieve success.

With the announcement of this new venture, Westbrook is partnering with Causal IQ, a leading programmatic solutions provider. The entrepreneur selected the company as a strategic partner based on its comprehensive programmatic advertising expertise and digital media experience of over 15 years.

“Together with Causal IQ, we have developed a sophisticated platform with extensive data sets to streamline the ability for brands and agencies to reach targeted audiences whilst amplifying owned and operated minority publisher voices,” said Donnell Beverly Jr., Russell Westbrook Enterprises president. “Causal IQ shares Russell’s vision and brings to the table advanced analytics and data, making them the perfect partner.”

RW Digital already has compiled a client portfolio with key brands, including AT&T, PepsiCo, Moderna, American Airlines, and American Entertainment Network.