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Sba Raises Set-Aside Limits

put, once again, at a disadvantage. This will obviously pose a challenge for many small, minority-owned companies that are already struggling to win federal contracts.”

President George W. Bush stated in his 2002 small business agenda that large federal contracts should be broken into smaller ones to make the $235 billion federal marketplace more open to small companies, the congresswoman points out. “The SBA’s latest move has taken a different approach: it changes the definition of ‘small business,’ therefore allowing more large companies to certify as small in order to receive government contracts,” Velázquez says. “If the SBA were really serious about helping small companies secure federal contracts, the agency would have instead taken the necessary steps to break down large contracts, which would do much more to give small businesses the chance they deserve.”

Regardless of the SBA moves, until Washington demonstrates an interest in downsizing its contracts, entrepreneurs may have to join forces in order to find favor with the Feds.