The One Valuable Job Skill Employers Will Love You For

The One Valuable Job Skill Employers Will Love You For

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With almost every industry being influenced by tech, it’s not rocket science that having some sort of tech skill is a major asset for any professional in any field. One specific skill that employers will apparently love you for is SEO knowledge, a common one among professionals who work in social media and digital marketing. If your forte doesn’t fall in that category, why should you care? Brazen Careerist offers a few good reasons to:

  • Departments are connected. The SEO department needs to help optimize a product page so people find that product page and can be funneled down to sales. An IT department may need to understand why one page suddenly has priority over another. It’s all about the pages that are ranking and bringing in the most clicks. This would be hard for people to understand if they didn’t have a basic knowledge of how Google and SEO worked.
  • Social media is crucial. Social media falls under the SEO umbrella. Understanding how to use social media to share content can help a company grow and gain visibility. For example, Google+ is becoming important when it comes to search results. Tech-savvy new employees will be able to help if they understand this aspect of social media.
  • The big picture. SEO is vital to the big picture of a company because it drives so many leads. Unfortunately, graduates are walking into businesses that are missing this key piece of information, so things can get confusing for them.

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