Settle Your Tax Debt In This Most Affordable and Ethical Way With This Service

Settle Your Tax Debt In This Most Affordable and Ethical Way With This Service

7. Schedule an appointment with a financial advisor

It’s always a good idea to get a qualified professional to take an independent look at your overall financial picture. To find an affordable, fee-only financial advisor, get a referral from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. The beginning of the New Year is a great time to set up a consultation with an accountant or financial advisor who can tell you everything from what areas of your finances could stand improving to overlooked ways you can save on your taxes.

In the midst of tax season, you might be haunted by tax debt accumulated from years prior, or the debt that fell into your hands recently. When it comes to dealing with the IRS, you don’t have to navigate resolving your dues on your own–especially if the pandemic has stretched your finances.

If you’re a small business owner or freelancer, you know how tricky it can get when it comes to reporting income and other factors that affect your taxes. You don’t want the IRS after you just because you made some honest mistakes.

Thankfully, there are companies like Community Tax that are ready to advocate on your behalf. Trustworthy tax practitioners and CPAs work around the clock to settle your case, even if your debt has accumulated far beyond what you can handle.

The process

The first step is to recognize that you’re not alone. In 2020, Americans owed an estimated $527 billion in tax debt. The second step is to rectify your situation in the most affordable way possible.

What seems like an impossible situation can come to a conclusion when you begin with a free consultation. As your case moves from an investigation to a resolution, there is an opportunity to completely eliminate your debt or compromise on a much smaller amount to pay.

Naturally, the amount you pay (or don’t pay), is based on your financial situation. The most dire cases can be hopeful of having their debt wiped out.

Dealing with the IRS vesrus Community Tax

You have the option of advocating for yourself and contacting the IRS directly, but the outcome can differ. The process may even prove more difficult since you’re dealing with large amounts of documentation to request an Offer In Compromise, otherwise known as a settlement.

Another downfall is that the Fresh Start application can take months to be looked over by the IRS, while your interest and fees keep raking up. So if you’re looking to pay off your taxes in smaller, more manageable increments, Community Tax can expedite the process.

Plus, Community Tax is ready to represent you in tax court versus shelling out money to a tax attorney. You might be dealing with circumstances that involve tax fraud claims or an IRS audit. No matter the situation, you can get guidance from a tax expert.

Community Tax’s reputation

Since its inception in 2010, Community Tax has resolved over $800 million in tax debt. While this might be an enormous figure, each tax agent is licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, leading to more successful outcomes.

A community of people have come together on Trustpilot to express their experience with Community Tax and rate the service a 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers everywhere enjoy the possibilities Community Tax has to offer when it comes to tax relief.

Nothing says trustworthy like an exemplary rating from the Better Business Bureau, specifically an A+, which Community Tax has earned.

How competitors stack up

Community Tax keeps affordability in mind. Compared to some of their biggest competitors, the service makes the most sense when you’re already in a tricky financial situation. For example, Tax Defense Partners charges $3,250 and $4,250, with $1,000 due as a down payment.

Another competitor, Tax Defense Network, usually varies from $3,000 to $4,000 for services, but can increase based on the situation. Community Tax offers a competitive rate of $2,500 and $3,000 while performing the same services.

As long as you live in one of the 50 states, you’re eligible to check if Community Tax is right for you. All it takes is a simple phone call or online questionnaire to see what your options are.