Job-Seeking Lessons From 'Shark Tank'

Job-Seeking Lessons From ‘Shark Tank’

(Source: ThinkStock)
(Source: ThinkStock)

The popular ABC show Shark Tank can be very illuminating for career-driven people. It highlights talented and determined people who need to market themselves and their products to get an investment. Brazen Careerist details lessons from contestant Michael Tseng that can be helpful for job seekers.

When you state your expected salary range, stick with it: Once Michael saw he had mega offers on the table, he reneged on his previous asking price and upped it more than 800 percent! Damon John, the shark that had tossed him a potential $1,000,000 deal, rescinded his offer and stepped out of negotiations. By the end of the segment, every shark except one had done the same. Michael was right back where he started.

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