Small Business Profile: Shavewise

Small Business Spotlight: New Startup Promising to ‘Change Lives’ in Men’s Skincare

(Image: Greg Ward)

“The men who use our system and see instant results are guys who tried everything. Within 48 hours most of the issues are cleared up. That’s unheard of.”

Ward says black men and women are spending thousands of dollars on dermatologists and solutions that simply don’t work.

“From a medical perspective, after 30 years shaving, most dermatologists give prescriptions for steroids or antibiotics. I had one tell me to shave every Thursday. I got into this business because of personal frustration at wanting a solution for myself. You want to look your best, especially high level senior executives in the public eye frequently. You want to look your best.”

He had one senior executive tell him he got his Mojo back. “This guy is 52-years-old and we solved his issue over a weekend.”

Shavewise manufactures here in the U.S. It owns all intellectual property associated with the formulation and development of products and a center capable of shipping anywhere in the world. The company also ships products to parts of Europe.

Shavewise’s three step solution includes a pre-shave scrub, smooth shave cream and soothing after shave balm.

Ward also says his company developed a winning formula to drive sales. “Like other startups, we drive people to our website through digital marketing and public relations. But here’s where we differ. I actually went to barber college and one of the things I worked to understand was the biological and chemical reactions associated with inflammation. I tried to study just how the mechanical removal of hair from the face impacted this issue.”

Ward discovered a neglect of focus in this area and created a curriculum to teach student barbers and instructors the fundamentals. He’s applying what he gleaned from barber school to his startup.

“From a sales perspective, we soon realized there was a huge market associated with service for guys who wanted to come in and be taught how to shave properly and receive treatment. Guys who had bumps so bad, you had to cut them just to remove the tip of the hair from the skin. So in Houston we opened the first of its kind barbering and dermatology practice under one roof.”

What this means is Ward now has a facility, affectionately called their “Shave Cave,” where clients can walk in and address various forms of skin care issues. It’s a service model that appears to work. The company now has an alternate market driven by the business of professional services.

Shavewise plans to open another shop in Atlanta and then Los Angeles and DC. Ward and his team also plan to be in New York in August.