Nonprofit Professional Turns Face Painting Into Lucrative Side Hustle
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Tashia Bagwell turned a love for painting children's faces at fun events into a lucrative side hustle. (Image: Madame Noire)

There’s nothing better than money—except more money. And having a side hustle can be more of a necessity than an option in a tough economy. Maryland resident Tashia Bagwell knows a thing or two about that, having turned a love for painting children’s faces for fun events into a lucrative side gig.  She’s offered her services at events in the Baltimore area for organizations including the Bea Gaddy Foundation, the Williams of York Catholic School, and the Historic Charles Street Association, where she can bring in an extra $10,000 to $13,000 per year when she’s not at her day job or attending school part-time.

Writer Sakita Holley recently caught up with Bagwell to talk how she turned a hobby into a lucrative side hustle:

Madame Noire: What made you want to do face painting in the first place?
Tashia Bagwell: My love for art.  Ever since I was a little girl I had this gift of drawing. My daughter was turning three and I needed something to keep the children entertained. I purchased some paints at our local fabric store and I did the painting for her party. The children loved it! I started out with cheek art. I would just draw flowers, hearts, Spider-Man etc. on the cheek and later I taught myself how to do full faces.

MN: How did you learn to paint faces?
TB: I’m self-taught. I learned everything from watching YouTube clips and subscribing to face painting blogs.

MN: What inspires you?
TB: Art inspires me, all types; music, poetry, film, sculptures, painting, dance etc. I’ve always wanted to attend an art college. Since I was unable to I decided to still do what I love and make it fun. Face painting provides me with a creative outlet.

[And] a gentleman named Quintel Harcum. He’s a true hustler, go-getter and all around positive person.  He sends out daily group emails with tons of advice, book suggestions and positive affirmations.  His motto is “Be Great” and that’s what I strive for each day.

MN: Is face painting a lucrative venture?
TB: I’ve been doing well with my face painting business. All of my customers are from word of mouth. So I put my best into each party; you never know who’s going to refer you to someone else.  You can make easily between $10,000 and $13,000 part-time.

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