So You Want To Be Famous?

So You Want To Be Famous?

When we think fame in 2015, the conversation can’t be without first addressing social media. The internet has given everyone from the small town girl to the high school loner, the power to be known.

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Many bloggers, business women and tastemakers, make the idea of fame look easy but according to The Root’s Harriet Cole, host of “The Root Live,” it takes a lot of work. Cole, set down with pop culture expert, Patrick Riley, to talk what it really takes to develop a mass following, how to use it to your advantage and the more meaningful purpose behind being famous.

“The good goal is creating fame  as a platform around building your brand, said Riley, that is the goal”.

Riley says in creating a platform it’s important to remain authentic and to keep good people you that will hold you accountable. He also suggests, those seeking fame, should read the stories and memoirs of other famous people who have already completed their  journey. The insight from others may help to decide if the spotlight is really for you.

Check out the video and discover how you can leverage your online fame to compliment your business and brand– head over to The Root to watch.