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Social Media Influencers Call For Equal Pay At Black Girl Digital Awards

As the pay gap between influencers of different races widen, Black content creators are calling out the issue.

The pay gap along racial lines is pervasive across all industries, including social media. At the Black Girl Digital Awards in Atlanta, content creators shed light on their advocacy for equal pay.

As Black influencers become more profitable by funneling billions into the global economy, some are calling out industry insiders for an inequitable split. White influencers receive a significant 35% more than Black ones, and the awards event raised awareness on the issue, as reported by 11Alive.

The show’s producer, LaToya Bond, emphasized to the audience that Black women are often the trailblazers for the culture — and their pay should reflect that.

“Black women, Black culture, we drive pop culture, but a lot of the times in this industry we don’t get the acknowledgement, we don’t get the equal pay. So if we don’t do it for ourselves, then who will?” said Bond.

This battle cry for pay transparency and equality was echoed by fellow speaker YouTuber Simone Sharice, who has built a following of hundreds of thousands by marketing her skill set in hairstyling while emerging as a media personality as well. In her speech, Sharice encouraged brands and creators to ensure rates don’t range by race.

“Equality, when it comes to payment, when it comes to campaigns, when it comes to sponsorship. Sometimes it is hard for Black women to get the same amount as white people, so I think equality needs to be spread more throughout the industry.”

As influencing extends to the next generation, Black Girl Digital’s founder, LaToya Shambo, believes that change will start with the youth to advocate on behalf of their work. As for her tips on earning one’s worth, Shambo encourages creators to negotiate confidently, build a vast network, and make sure brands know what you bring to the table that’s different.