South London Beauty Supply Owner Chokes Out Black Woman In Store, Now ‘Hiding’ From Protesters

South London Beauty Supply Owner Chokes Out Black Woman In Store, Now ‘Hiding’ From Protesters

Sohail Sindho, owner of Peckham Hair and Cosmetics in South London, is facing severe consequences from protesters in the wake of a widely publicized altercation that unfolded in his store on September 11, as reported by the Mirror UK.

The dispute, stemming from a disagreement over a refund, quickly escalated into a physical confrontation, during which Sindho was filmed strangling a Black woman

The aftermath of the video has been tumultuous for Sindho, with South London residents vehemently boycotting his shop, expressing their frustrations about violence against women and the Black community. Protests emerged, and angered locals actively dissuaded potential customers from entering his establishment. While grappling with the repercussions, the businessman disclosed, “I have lost nearly everything.”

Consequently, he made the difficult decision to sell his business.

In an interview with MyLondon, Sindho stated, “If someone is living their normal life, then something like this happens, it’s life-changing.”

He emphasized that he didn’t harbor any fear of the protesters; every action he took reportedly was a measure to safeguard his family. He also said, “If these people think I’m scared of them, they’re mistaken.”

Sindho continued, “I’m a double graduate. I know how to make money. This is going to pass, and I’m going to make much more money than I did in this shop. And I’ve built 45 shops before in this market, everybody knows me. Once my family is safe and settled, I am going to open another hair shop, and these people are going to buy the same stuff from the same shop.”

The economic toll has been substantial, with Sindho revealing, “I have lost around £700,000.”

In addition to the financial strain, his children have endured hardship, subsisting on a diet of bread alone for a month. The ongoing turmoil has left a profound mark on Sindho’s mental well-being, prompting him to take precautionary measures, including withdrawing his children from school due to fears of potential attacks from protesters.

Nevertheless, the entrepreneur remained steadfast in his determination to rebuild his life. He asserted his commitment to returning to business once his family’s safety was assured. He also firmly defended strangling the Black woman, maintaining that he was defending himself and protecting his property.

In light of the public outcry, the incident is now under renewed police investigation, with ongoing inquiries. The shop has transitioned to new management, but the enduring protests have significantly impacted its daily operations.