Spotify Wants to Amplify All Things Black With 'Frequency,' Its New Global Initiative
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Spotify Wants to Amplify All Things Black With ‘Frequency,’ Its New Global Initiative

(Image: Spotify)

Spotify has announced a new initiative that will help amplify the voices of Black people on their music streaming platform.

Frequency is a global initiative and destination for the celebration of all things Black when it comes to art, entertainment, creativity, culture, and community both on- and off-platform. The purpose and launch of Frequency was due to the current climate in which Black culture, specifically within music, fashion, business, constantly being left out of the narrative. Black voices have been feeling that their contributions were under-appreciated and underrepresented.

Spotify’s Kimmy Summers, hip-hop and R&B manager, artist & label partnerships, says, “For far too long, people have proclaimed that they ‘don’t see color,’ but if they don’t see our Blackness then they don’t really see us for who we truly are. People turn up to our music, they laugh at our jokes, and they nod at our commentary, but do they really see us? Are they just listening, or do they really hear us? Frequency forces people to see us, to feel us, and to hear us—and to me, that’s important.”

According to Spotfify, Frequency continues the company’s ongoing commitment to and for the investment in Black voices, further connecting the Black community to upcoming and established Black creators via new content, cultural partnerships, and an ambassador program.

Dzifa Yador, supervising creative producer, Studio 4, said, “Frequency is a celebration of resilience in all forms of creativity. The genesis of this brand came out of a demand from Black employees who felt it was important to be seen and heard. Those same employees created space for other Black employees to not just express themselves through the editorial voice of the brand, but give recognition to the culture shifters, artists, and creators that fuel our global brand. The brand does not exist to solve racial injustices. It’s here to celebrate resilience in the face of it.”