Spread Your Digital Message to the Masses With Flip Booklets
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Spread Your Digital Message to the Masses With Flip Booklets

Flip Booklets
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Magazine technology has improved a lot over the years. Not only can they now be delivered to and viewed on your computer or cell phone in nearly identical form, but magazine companies can also reach a far wider audience thanks to these advances.

PDF flipbooks have been the main vehicle by which magazine companies, businesses, and non-profits use to share brochures and publications with their audience. It’s widely popular, and more people are using it with each passing day.

The key, however, to successful online magazines, brochures, or publications is the proper software that allows the content to be viewed in clean form. Flip Booklets has gained a sterling reputation among those who use it, and for a limited time, it’s available for just $99. That’s a savings of 72% from its MSRP ($360).

Flip Booklets has been featured on Fox News, USA Today, NBC, CNN, and Digital Journal.

With one of the most intuitive interfaces out there, it’s easy to see why Flip Booklets is widely praised and used, as it creates stunning catalogs, brochures, magazines, and eBooks in a matter of mere minutes.

No ads will ever show over your material, it works on all devices with rapid response time, and it’s hyperlink friendly. Its Zoom capability allows users to zoom in and out of the pages for a better view.

Analytics are also offered for books, allowing you to see how many times it’s been read, and multi-language support will soon be offered.

Flip Booklets’ basic plan comes with support for up to 10 books, with a maximum size of 15MB per book. Private PDFs and removable branding are also offered. All that’s needed to use this software is a modern browser.

If you’re an author, a public relations specialist, or a publisher, Flip Booklets can help you reach a broader audience through technical means. Purchase it today.

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