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Hundreds Of Spring Breakers Arrested Despite ‘Break Up’ With Miami Beach

The Miami Police Department announced that over 250 arrests were made during spring break due to unruly visitors to the city.

Spring breakers still found a way to wreak havoc on Miami Beach despite the city “breaking up” with them. Officials confirmed that over 250 arrests were made during their crackdown on destructive partying.

The New York Post obtained images of crowded beaches filled with coeds. To prevent an influx of recklessness and violence, Miami Beach implemented a curfew in an effort to curb partiers.

Despite beach access being restricted from midnight until morning on back-to-back weekends, law enforcement still made a significant number of arrests.

A spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department disclosed that 256 arrests were made between March 1 and March 16. Most if not all of the incidents involved college-aged vacationers.

Miami is attempting to limit the rowdiness it’s became known for as a spring break hotspot. The city government not only enforced a curfew but increased parking fees, bag and DUI checks, and a heightened police presence. And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dispatched more than 140 state troopers to handle the crowds.

The Miami Police Department assured the public that no incidents have escalated to last year’s violence.

“While some arrests were made during the evening, we can confirm that all incidents were handled efficiently and in a controlled manner by our law enforcement personnel,” it stated.

Fatal shootings occurred last year due to unruly visitors to Miami, resulting in the city’s “breakup” with spring break. The South Florida city announced in a commercial that college kids were not welcome due to past behavior.

The campaign did not prevent all from voyaging to Miami, and mass arrests were made to combat the yearly anarchy. Yet considering the years prior, significant strides were made to ensure that residents were not subjected to the spring break chaos.

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