Stackby Offers A Superior Spreadsheet Experience

Stackby Offers A Superior Spreadsheet Experience

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Spreadsheets have been a literal game-changer when it comes to data. Companies and organizations have used spreadsheets to handle everything from planning, scheduling, tracking budgets, and so much more. The use of spreadsheets hasn’t only benefitted businesses. Everyday users have found value in them, as they’ve excelled as a way to organize personal data.

While spreadsheets have been invaluable, it’s easy to become lost when setting them up and keeping information and data in an organized manner.

Stackby Spreadsheet Database is the tool you didn’t know you need. For a limited time, a two-year subscription to the economy plan is available for just $149. That’s a savings of 31% from its MSRP ($216).

Stackby gives superpowers to your spreadsheets by providing a fast way to organize all data. While it’s just one platform, it comes with endless possibilities. With more than 25 unique column data types, you can build the perfect relational database. It’s compatible with more than 2,000 apps you can pull data from popular services and visualize your data.

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The automation features mean you no longer have to worry about manually updating your spreadsheets. Connect them to popular services so that you can automate your spreadsheets in real-time. With collaboration capabilities, you can work with your team in real-time from anywhere.

Stackby Spreadsheet Database has received a 4.8-star rating both on Capterra and AppSumo. It’s also received numerous accolades including the “YourStory Tech30 Award” and “GetApp #1 Category Leaders in Database 2021.”

For the best and most optimized experience, it’s recommended for use on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. There is a Chrome extension, and it can be accessed on mobile devices.

The key to a good spreadsheet is to have one that is personalized and organized. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Stackby, as it’s capable of doing so much more. Purchase it today and take full control of your spreadsheets.

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