Stay Fully Juiced With This Apple Watch Keychain Charger

Stay Fully Juiced With This Apple Watch Keychain Charger

Apple Watch Wireless Keychain
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You’re leaving your home and you make sure you have everything you need. Mask? Check. Wallet? Yep. Apple Watch? Good to go. Inevitably, once you’ve left, you get that all-too-familiar buzz on your wrist that your all-in-one Apple Watch has just 10 minutes of battery life remaining. We’ve all been there. Fret no longer, as those untimely power outages can now be remedied with the Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain from Go Gadgets.

For only $19.99, or 59% off, you can add the Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain to your bag or everyday carry. Alternatively, a two-pack of chargers costs just $38.99, while a four-pack is $76.99. That’s a savings of 60% for the two-pack and a 61% savings on a four-pack.

The minimalist charging attachment connects to your keychain to ensure enough juice to power your Apple Watch up should you find yourself short on battery power and unable to use your standard plug-in charger. At only 2.5-by-3-by-0.5 inches, this charging keychain sports a black plastic-and-metal chassis coated with a matte finish. Go Gadgets packed 950mAh lithium-ion battery inside the keychain, which is compatible with all Apple Watch iterations.

The charger powers on with a simple three-second push of a button, and the device features four LED lights to indicate your Apple Watch’s charging status. Furthermore, the keychain can be charged while simultaneously charging your Apple Watch. The device also includes safety protection against overheating, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting. You’ll also find a power cable and manual included with this charger.

The Apple Watch has helped revolutionized wearable technology. In addition to making and receiving phone calls and sending and receiving text messages, Apple has incorporated Health tracking functionality to keep wearers up-to-date information about their vitals. And with this wireless charger keychain, you’ll never always have those stats at hand. Grab one today for just $19.99. 

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