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Stephen Jackson’s Wife Claps Back At Online Prenup Drama: ‘Happily’ Wed

Stephen Jackson might’ve called things off with one woman who refused to sign a prenup, but that’s not the case with his current wife.

Jackson’s wife, Tamara Jackson, took to Instagram on Tuesday, Oct. 3, to respond to a recently resurfaced story involving the NBA alum and his ex-fiancee Imani Showalter. A Facebook story referenced Jackson’s decision to call off his engagement to Showalter due to her reluctance to sign a prenuptial agreement.

After the breakup, Jackson decided he would only marry someone who agreed to a prenup. However, according to his current wife, she did not sign a prenup.

“Stephen and I have been together for 8 years since 2015 and married for almost 2 years now since 12/5/21,” she explained.

“There was never a pre-nup mentioned to me…not before our wedding, during our wedding, or any other time in our whole relationship for that matter.”


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According to Tamara, she never even heard the word “prenup” mentioned during their time dating and leading up to the wedding. But she said she would have been open to signing one.

“Would I have signed one? Yes, but Stephen knows what we have is REAL LOVE, he knows I’m nothing like the rest,’ she quipped.

“Therefore he knew a prenup wasn’t necessary with me. I made it TO, THROUGH and PASS the altar with him, strictly on LOVE so I could care less about anything from his past,” she posted.

Highlighting that the resurfaced story is about an ex Jackson dated 20 years ago, Tamara reiterated how happy she and Jackson are without a prenup.

“Stephen and I are happily married with no pre-nup, no child support obligations no strings attached, nothing just pure genuine LOVE,” she wrote.

Stephen and Tamara tied the knot in Houston in December 2021. He shared a post celebrating their wedding, including guests like 2 Chainz, Matt Barnes, and Al Harrington.


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Stephen played 14 seasons in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets, Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson won an NBA championship with the Spurs in 2003. He retired in 2015.

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